Romantic Tarrytown Terrace

This small suburban garden feels expansive and private at the same time. Climbing roses, hydrangeas and aromatic lilies surround a perfect terrace of bluestone enclosing visitors in a romantic embrace. Japanese forest grass softens the edge of the terrace and adds just enough of a modern look to make urban transplants happy.

"My husband and I were looking for an outdoor space that had a secret garden feeling. We imagined a city roof top garden or a private space that felt like a restful retreat and wonderful place to entertain at the same time. We've had fun adding furniture, antique planters and a stone fountain to Robert's beautiful landscape. The white and green plantings offered the retreat we wanted as well as providing a backdrop for showing off my collection of colorful table linens, glassware and china. We love our garden! We're already planning the addition of our annuals and our first party of the season!"

Anne Lillis-Ruth
Tarrytown, NY