Serene Townhouse Garden, Briarcliff Manor, New York

If you like modern, you will love this garden. Clean lines of climbing hydrangea usher a visitor to the front garden where unique, shade loving plants in crisp containers put on their show. The side garden is a lovely wooded understory featuring ferns, cimicifuga and lady’s mantle which curve along the side beautifully. The back yard is perfect with a terrace laid in a precise design with a cut out in the middle for a fantastic and everchanging show of perennials and unique annuals. A curve of variegated liriope punctuates the edge of the terrace and leads to the tranquil fountain which bubbles continuously for the spring, summer and fall. On the balcony, containers of canna lilies and aromatic jasmine create a tropical oasis. This garden manages to be cool and calm, modern and serene, and wonderfully welcoming all at the same time.